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Oh my God. I'm the tin dog.

8 February 1960
My name is Matthew Joseph Harrington, and I use all three names because nowadays every Tom, Dick, and Harry seems to be named Matthew.

My author bio, which for some reason beyond my ken nobody wants to publish with my work, is as follows:

Matthew Joseph Harrington, son of historian Joseph Daniel Harrington, was born in 1960 at the US Naval Hospital in Yokosuka, Japan. He taught himself to read at the age of two. He was enrolled in public schools in Bowie, Maryland, and received an education by skipping class to hang out in the public library. At 10 he pushed a two-ton truck uphill unassisted.
First story ever sold was to Larry Niven for Man-Kzin Wars series— which, given that the authors up to then were such lights as Poul Anderson, Hal Colebatch, Dean Ing, Donald Kingsbury, and Dr. Jerry Pournelle, was an experience not unlike showing up for a draft physical and being inducted into the Justice League. His third published story, Soul Survivor, in Baen's Universe, has been recommended for the Nebula. He is coauthor, with Larry Niven, of The Goliath Stone.
He has rewired his house, which had no ground, and rebuilt its sewer drain, which had burst in the crawlspace in which he had to work. Prayers are always welcome.
He has fed a feral kitten from the palm of his hand. He has repeatedly been bitten on the palm by a kitten.
On two occasions he has been propositioned by women who turned out to be porn stars. He turned them both down.
He is currently living with fantasy artist Valerie Anne Shoemaker and 9 cats.
He does not drink beer.
Stay fannish, my friends.