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I'm collaborating with Larry Niven again!

This time it's a story he gave up on fifty years ago because he couldn't get it to work. One good thing came out of it: the aliens he designed later became the Pierson's puppeteers.

We're using different aliens for this.

I designed them, including their evolution.

He thinks they're great.

Think who's saying that, now.
watership up

Hugh Hefner, age 91, is dead.

The scene is a child's bedroom, many years ago. His mother walks in and says, "Stop staring out the window and get dressed!"
The boy says, "Why?"
His mother says, "To go to school."
He says, "Why?"
Exasperated, she says, "So you can get a job!"
And he says, "Why?"
And she says, "So you can make money! Nobody ever got rich sitting around in his pajamas and watching girls go by all day!"
And it was then that little Hugh Hefner swore a mighty oath, that SOMEDAY...
RIP Hef, and thanks.

I really did read the articles too.