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Cindy Sheehan is STILL an attention whore turning tricks on her son's grave.

The attitude of automatic reverence for *Mothers* is why I was punished every time I tried to report what mine was doing to me. I tried police, teachers, doctors, and a priest. Every last one called her at once, then yanked me around like a rag doll as they lectured me until she showed up.

To reiterate:
A doctor broke confidentiality and a priest broke the sanctity of the confessional to report me to my molester.

The League of Women Voters is far more than the effort to subvert the cause of representational democracy, as its title states: it is a criminal conspiracy to prevent the prosecution of 83% of child molesters, the primary molester according to survivors of abuse being the victim's mother in that percentage of cases. A DA who prosecutes too many women doesn't get reelected. Nor does a judge who hears too many cases against women.

The great majority of rape victims are small boys.

Most rapists are women.

Argue with the truth if you have been properly indoctrinated, but the fact remains that what other countries call Stockholm Syndrome we in America call Mother's Day.
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