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1st August 2015

12:01am: What? 763

"I'm leaving you."

"Uh, right. Who are you again?"

31st July 2015

12:01am: What? 762
This is a word falling into disuse: a widely-held belief which is not merely wrong but, in fact, ridiculous, is a canard.

Being... well, me... the thought that comes to mind is:

"Why a duck?"

30th July 2015

12:01am: What? 761
IPCC Leak Deniers tell me 2014 was the hottest year on record.

I tell them, "No, only since the faked Moon landings."

29th July 2015

3:23pm: Answer for question 4473.
What is one life experience most people around you seem to have had that you haven't (marriage, kids, work-related, etc)? Conversely, what is one life experience you've had that most people around you haven't?
1 ) Marriage, kids, working an eight-hour day without getting sick.

2 ) Saving someone's life, dying, introducing new phrases into the vernacular ("unusually stupid").
12:01am: What? 760
"Why is it that women are shunted into jobs like teaching?"

"Hmm. Spending all day belittling people for not knowing things that have never been adequately explained to them? I. Have. No. Idea."

28th July 2015

2:38pm: Answer for question 4472.
What do you think is the main difference between confidence and arrogance? What exactly makes someone come across as confident in a way that you find appealing? Conversely, what makes you classify someone as arrogant rather than just confident?
I cannot recall who it was who came up with the idea of conjugating adjectives. It was quite a few years ago. But:

I am confident; you are arrogant; he is megalomaniacal.
12:01am: What? 759
"We're here live at the scene where Commander Justice has just saved a schoolbus full of hostages. Commander, do you have any advice for the hostages and their friends, that will help them cope with being sent off to school daily?"

"It's never too early to start looking into nursing homes."

27th July 2015

1:37pm: Answer for question 4470.
What TV shows, books, or movies have you been involved in the fandom for them (if any)? What is your favorite part of being involved in fandom? Have you ever gone to any conventions or meetups (whether large or small) for any fandom you've participated in?
You're kidding, right?

It's how I became an author.
12:01am: What? 758
It has suddenly struck me that the principal difference between the days of the great boom in science fiction and today is that today, the publisher listens to Marketing when it comes to such things as writing, editing, and particularly titles. You can't get the show on the road until you show it at home; and damn few of the fen will bother to pick up a book that has had its title "simplified" to attract mainstream readers.

There can be no doubt that if publishers had been doing that in the early 60s, it would have spelled an early fade into obscurity for A Foreigner Abroad.

By Robert Heinlein.

26th July 2015

12:01am: What? 757
Albert Einstein was employed as a patent clerk in Switzerland during the three years when he worked out the Theory of Special Relativity.

This was after watches and before miniature marshmallows, so he had a certain amount of time on his hands.

25th July 2015

12:01am: What? 756
"You'll feel a pinch."

"STOP. I expect to feel a needle in my flesh, a medically sound procedure. I had two older sisters; if I feel a pinch, you are going to hit the opposite wall so hard you will stick."

24th July 2015

12:01am: What? 755
Did anyone else out there get shoved out the door in the morning and step on every crack between there and school in hopes of finding the right one?

23rd July 2015

12:27pm: Answer for question 4466.
What are your favorite news sites? Which sites do you believe present the news with the least bias, and which are the most biased? Do you believe the comments sections of news sites are a good or bad thing?
How could any news source be unbiased? Reporters, editors, and publishers are, technically, human beings. You just have to allow for the bias, and filter it out.

Of course, it helps to know who the owners are when doing this. This lets you know that when, e.g., Reuters or Der Spiegel are discussing the Islamic war on all the rest of the world, the victims will always be blamed.
12:01am: What? 754
It has occurred to me that we probably all know at least a few people who hit puberty only to have puberty hit back.

Take that any way you wish.

22nd July 2015

2:53pm: Answer for question 4464.
Do you believe in evolution? Why or why not? What are your thoughts on Creationism or other similar religiously-based origin theories?
I don't need to believe in it. It happens anyway.

Ostentatiously believing in things that are real is ridiculous. It's like believing in how the mail shows up.

Nobody has to convert anybody to belief in the postman.
12:01am: What? 753
If people who, by their behavior, indicate that they believe intelligence and inner strength are effortless could, in fact, be destroyed with the power of my mind, I would not need, so very, very badly, to do it.

21st July 2015

12:01am: What? 752
Our top story tonight: Global Warming Causes Colder Winters!

Also, War Is Peace and Freedom Is Slavery.

20th July 2015

6:18am: Answer for question 4460.
How bad does a book have to be for you to stop reading, or do you always plow through no matter what? What are some examples of books you stopped reading, or forced yourself to keep reading until the end? What made these books so horrible?
When a character has, from the beginning, the ability to solve all the problems present by a single act, that book is appallingly bad.

In mysteries, this is called the Idiot Plot: nobody ever asks one obvious simple question until the end, because everybody in the story is an idiot.

Orson Scott Card did something related, in a book series whose name, I regret (for the sake of warning people) I cannot recall: I call it the Pacifist Plot. All problems could have been solved in a twinkling by shooting just one rotten bastard, but nobody does because...

now let's not always see the same hands.
12:01am: What? 751
The good thing about disco is that its volume causes hearing loss before its content can produce permanent brain damage.

19th July 2015

12:01am: What? 750
News flash:

The functional definition of a civilian is anyone who cannot be executed for quitting his job.

Members of the military are not civilians.

Everyone else is, including law enforcement officers, notwithstanding the tendency of some to make war on American citizens.

18th July 2015

12:01am: What? 749
Warnings about Adult Language are misleading.

Adult language is words like "deduction".

Little kids say "fuck".

17th July 2015

2:56pm: Just for the record...
...I have been waiting SIX YEARS for somebody-- anybody-- to comment on the fact that, in PEACE AND FREEDOM (MKW XII), the kzintosh who is only visible to the people he wants to see him chose the Name "Harvey".
12:01am: What? 748

Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune are planets

and the rest are Dwarf Planets with hardly any mass at all.

16th July 2015

12:33pm: Answer for question 4458.
If you could make a playlist of 20 songs that sound like your childhood, which songs would be on it? Why would you choose those particular songs?
Not that remind me of childhood, but sound like my childhood?

Easily accomplished.

Douse the musicians with gasoline and set them on fire.
12:01am: What? 747
"Do you have any experience?"

"Well, I used to work for a private security firm and torture suspected terrorists, but the damn legislators said it was a violation of their rights. Will that be a problem?"

"Not here. Welcome to the staff. Come with me, I'll introduce you to the rest of the gym teachers."
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